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At Eternal Lines, we understand that most of you are not in favour of the age-old method of matrimony –the typical Sri Lankan marriage proposal brought through a matchmaker. We have curated this global matrimony site exclusively for Sri Lankans who would make decisions on their own to find their potential life-partner online, seeking to build a trustworthy relationship leading to marriage.

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Connect Through Advertisements

Online matrimony advertisements are a perfect way to find a potential bride or groom. Our portal offers exciting advertising options for you.
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It would take only a few minutes to set up your account! Fill in your details. Choose a marriage advertisement subscription format. Check our online security policy and complete the account.
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Publish your Advertisement.
Write a brief profile about yourself and your preferences for the ideal partner. Publish it. Log in to your account and track the views of your marriage advertisement.
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Browse through our Advertisements.
Now comes the excitement. Your advertisement receives responses. Reply only those you prefer. You could even browse through our advertisements to find a match.

We connect you with your ‘Forever’

Play your own matchmaker with ‘Heart Flips’

‘Heart Flips’ is another cool way to engage in searches on our matrimony services portal. Create your ‘Heart Flips’ Marriage Profile by choosing an account subscription format. Sign up, verify your email and make the payment to complete the process. The profile will be activated within 24 hours after checking the details submitted.

Besides, you could even discover your very own ‘heart flips’ waiting for you among the profiles listed here!

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Discover Singles
They say ‘choose wisely.’ We’ve got you covered! Set your preferences and start browsing to discover your match.
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Connect Hearts!
If you think you have found someone special, connect and start a casual chat. You could say how you like your morning tea, or whether you are a fan of disco lights. It may spark that flame which lasts through the years.
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First Date
Time for conversations offline. There’s nothing as good as meeting each other and expressing ideas freely. Let the connection take shape, casually…naturally.
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Time to celebrate!
If that special someone you discovered through our matrimony services portal makes your ‘Heart Flip’ in the right way, it’s time to plan your way forward together. Keep the flames of excitement burning! We hope you discover the roses and everlasting marriage vows along the way.

Eternal Lines, we help you to find your sunshine.


New beginnings

Unveil your amazing self to the world and find your favourite “Hello”


Meet Like-Minds.

Not a fan of Disco lights? No problem, you will find someone who loves candle lights as much as you do.


Hold Hands.

Do you like yourself more when you are around them? Does it just feel right? Then It’s time to make it “Eternal”. We wish you all the happiness in the world!